The Scope & Process of Step 2: Choose

Following our free book writing consultation call, I will help you choose what Program or Service Package will benefit you the most.

Lingley Services offers a Program Package to help you get from “ground zero” to completed manuscript. It also offers 3 Service Packages to guide and support you along your book writing journey to develop, organize, and polish.

  • The MAKE IT HAPPEN Program helps move your book from “started” to “finished” by combining key components of the Develop It, Organize It, Polish It, Launch It, and Market It Services.
  • The Develop It Service guides you in fleshing out your book outline so your manuscript is complete by filling in gaps, finishing incomplete chapters, and smoothing out awkward scenes and dialog.
  • The Organize It Service allows you to rearrange the content of your book as needed to ensure clarity and readability.
  • The Polish It Service is a thorough review and edit of your book.

Outlining the next steps you need to take to make your goals a reality is an exciting phase of writing a book! And selecting a fully customizable Program or Service means you get the personalized assistance you need.