The Scope & Process of Step 4: Organize

Once we have gotten your outline fleshed out into readable content, we will then focus on organizing everything.

This may sound confusing, but it’s really quite simple.

We will review the things you have written and I will guide you in deciding what scenes, dialog, sections, and chapters should go where. Do you think it makes more sense for chapter 3, scene 4 to follow versus precede chapter 3, scene 5? Okay, let’s move it!

Easy peasy, right? The benefit of having fleshed out your outline during the development stage means you have all your book writing material already in front of you. And this makes the organization phase that much easier. Because we are simply taking the pieces already there and rearranging them.

The purpose of this phase in writing a book is to ensure that what you have to say is presented to your readers in a way that flows easily and organically.

Your writing will speak to you, and we will work together to determine what it is telling you so you can share your story with the most impact!