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Stuck in the middle of your manuscript or unsure how to begin?

I provide customized one-on-one coaching to support and guide you through every stage of your book writing journey.

Your readers are waiting to be inspired by your story ...


Rough draft all finished but not sure it’s as concise as it could be?

My copy-editing services focus on those annoying mistypes and awkward sentences we often fail to catch.

Your book is a powerful jewel ...

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Hi! I'm Sarah.

As an avid reader, I love a good book just as much as the next person. As a published author, I know firsthand the value of working with a writing coach to bring clarity to my vision. And as a book writing coach, I am dedicated to:

    • helping you determine your audience and outline your topic
    • guiding you as you write your story in the least complicated and daunting way possible
    • supporting you as you tell your story honestly and completely 
    • inspiring you to find the confidence to share of yourself to help and encourage your readers

Whatever stage of the book writing process you’re in, I’ve most likely experienced similar challenges and frustrations to the ones you might be facing. And that’s why I’m here to help you navigate the proverbial bumps in the road.

Writing a book is hard, but writing a book without a coach is harder!

Combined, my own writing journey, my coaching philosophy, and my personality (INFJ), give me a solid foundation from which I can both relate to your struggles and help you share your story in a way that’s fun, motivating, and empowering! 

Don’t let anything get in the way of pursuing your passion.

You were meant to prosper, flourish, and succeed!


3 Must-Haves for Staying Centered as An Author

Let’s face it. Sometimes writing can be a lonely hobby (or task as the case may be). We somehow become impassioned with a topic or subject. Then we pour our heart and soul into it because we might well burst if we did otherwise. But doing so often means we aren’t out and about in…

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3 Important Reasons to Keep History Alive

We live in a day and age where we are constantly poked and prodded to “upgrade” our lives by getting this new gadget or purchasing this new program. As well, even in our book writing endeavors, we sometimes believe that we will create a bigger impact if we focus our writing on promoting this new…

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3 Key Steps to Identifying & Maintaining Your Book Vision

Are you writing what you need to write? Deciding to write a book is both daunting and exciting. While the thought of scooping together 30,000-50,000+ words in a document can be downright scary, your topic is [hopefully] one you’re passionate about and your message is one you’re looking forward to sharing with your target audience.…

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3 Things to Remember About Exposing Yourself Through Writing

Share yourself to drive your story! Writing an autobiography is not everyone’s cup of tea, nor is an autobiography always the best format for sharing your message of inspiration, motivation, education, and encouragement with your readers. When it is, however, knowing how to approach the issue of exposing yourself (and others) throughout the scope of…

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The Scope & Process of Step 1: Review

The book writing review process consists of a free consultation to determine how I can best help as your book writing coach. First we will discuss the type of book you’re writing: Autobiography? Self-help? Biography? Memoir? Business promotion piece? 2. Next we will discuss why you are writing a book: Generate profit? Inspire? Motivate? Educate?…

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4 Simple Secrets to Enhancing Your Book Content

As book writers, generating content for our readers is what we do. Creating valuable content, however, is key to positively impacting and inspiring our readers. Typing words to fill blank space is easy, be it for a manuscript, newsletter, blog, or website template.  But choosing which words to use for any or all of these…

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Handle Criticism in 3 Powerful Ways

How do you handle criticism? It can be very disheartening to pour your time, energy, and soul into writing a book only to have to handle criticism from your readers. If you haven’t had to handle criticism for sharing yourself through writing a book, that’s happy. But trust me, you will at some point be…

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3 Ways You Can Help Others Grow By Sharing Yourself

What you know helps others grow! Sharing ourselves through writing a book can be challenging. It can also be awkward at times. And because of that, we sometimes forget how valuable it is to share ourselves when completing the writing process. I wrote another blog on how to handle self-exposure and truth-telling, but the topic…

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The Scope & Process of Step 5: Polish

Your manuscript is done. And you have everything organized and arranged the way you like best. But now what? Next in the process of becoming a published author is the polishing phase. And this means I give your completed draft thorough review and edit. I will be looking for things like inconsistent tone, grammatical errors,…

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The Scope & Process of Step 4: Organize

Once we have gotten your outline fleshed out into readable content, we will then focus on organizing everything. This may sound confusing, but it’s really quite simple. We will review the things you have written and I will guide you in deciding what scenes, dialog, sections, and chapters should go where. Do you think it…

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