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Providing writers of all levels and backgrounds, who may have a wide variety of audiences, the support and tools needed to make their dreams a reality.

Set yourself apart as a professional expert by ensuring your story is delivered to your audiences with accuracy, conciseness, and correct grammar.

Your next writing adventure is waiting!

Writing, after all, is life. It’s what makes your world go ’round. Organizing and manipulating words is what you live for.

And, conveniently, helping you craft, polish, and deliver your next writing adventure to your audience in the most readable way is what I live for.

I’m excited to help you experience the fulfillment that results from sharing your epic stories.



Stuck in the middle of your manuscript or unsure how to begin?

I provide customized one-on-one coaching to support and guide you through every stage of your book writing journey.

Your readers are waiting to be inspired by your story ...


Rough draft all finished but not sure it’s as concise as it could be?

My copy-editing services focus on those annoying mistypes and awkward sentences we writers often fail to catch.

Your book is a powerful jewel ...

Sarah Logo (1)

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